as we watch this world burn

i want to try something out – where i maybe type up writings from the past. revisit them. and possibly comment on them. i don’t know how that will work, but i’m going to give it a try.

the video above, however, is from 7 jan 2021. not sure if any of this will make sense but i want to start, more than anything.

from 2020 august 4

(song of the day: where you belong x little dragon)

i love the way i move. this hasn’t always been the case. but i feel like i keep growing into myself and finding my truest expression through movement. lately i’ve felt more playful in moving, too. i smile, laugh out loud when i relax. and take myself less seriously? or, it’s a different kind of joy. these last couple of days i’ve really felt that. just like, being my own best friend or something. really taking pleasure in being with myself, by myself.

i’m so grateful for my body, to get to live. for this existence in its complexity. for dance. for dance teaching me so much. for uncertainty — uncertainty makes things feel.

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