i want to love you

from 2020 aug 05

i have deep desire for reciprocal attraction, romance, playful love. i want partnership* that is spacious but collaborative, interdependent, but not codependent. i want to be in deep honest trusting relationships oriented toward growth, joy, transformation, abundance, fullness, creativity, passion, spark, maybe a little chaos. something different.

i think that to feel grounded and secure are important to me in partnership. i think i want partnerships that are fun, pleasurable, and centered in aligning with liberatory futures and transforming worlds. one* that is creative. one where we can do creative artsy shit & magic together. and enjoy each other. and not worry so much. with good deep tender communication and good communicative playful sex and space for awkward uncomfortable squishy things and accountability and questions. shaping things, lives, spaces, time, dimensions together. one with travel, adventure, learning, growth, support, encouragement. one where we really think well of each other, fundamentally. and mutual desire and attraction and respect. and respectful, spacious disagreement. and good healthy ways of dealing with conflict.

we make dance films together and go on road trips and hike in the woods and swim and fight for justice, to dismantle these cistems. we dance so hard. we play. our inner kids shine. we love one another and love ourselves. we adapt. we “get” each other, we click, we flow. we take and make space.

(*a 09 jan 2021 note: not sure why i was specifying singular partnership)

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