to shed is to make space for emergence

from 2020 aug 05

i had a really good talk with myself. in the mirror, mostly naked. i said – what if i just decided to like my body, this body. i don’t remember specifics but – it’s up to me. i’m the only one judging my body this hard. i can stop with that. i don’t need these ideas of what i’m supposed to look like. this body is so great. and anyone who gets to share my body with me better fucking see that and believe that. or else, fuck them, they can go. next. and that includes versions of myself.

i call myself an abolitionist but am policing my own body. i stop trying to hope my body will become something it’s not, other than healthy.

loving my body in its change is a fucking radical thing. this body is busy restoring us, and has made so much progress in two months. 14 years of imbalance and disorder and my body is making progress in 60 days. that is magic.

this is me building my home – cozy, warm, soft, desirable, strong, unflappable, inviting, spacious, slow, open, abundant. gentle, loving, desirable.

hi. my body is miraculous. my body is a miracle.

video filmed on 10 november 2020 and published on 08 december 2020

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