just remind me

from 14 aug 2020

e – what are you looking for in partnership(s)?

people to collaborate with on artsy creative projects. alignment in core values — e.g. around race, systems of power privilege and oppression. people to explore and practice with. to explore physically & somatically, but also through travel and experiences. to practice ways of being, relating — holding complexity, abundance, vulnerability. someone/people to practice discomfort and messiness with. to work through fear and shame together. someone/people to dance and move and grow with. partnership where we each get to flourish as our unique selves and also together. it’s complexity theory where you get to build this cool thing together that you can’t on your own but you don’t lose yourself in the process.

i want to practice big love, reciprocity, to not hide myself or make myself small. i want partnership that helps me to be more myself, my best self. partnership that makes it safe and exciting for each person in the partnership to do that. i want it to be safe for the other person to be more themselves too. i want to practice really clear communication, practice clarity, practice decisiveness, trust, honesty. radical honesty.

things that don’t work in partnership: complacency. we need to be choosing to be in relationship together. avoidance. codependency. doing things out of assumption of what the other wants. inability to look at conflict together, lack of listening. inability to be fully oneself because of beliefs around expectations. unreliability — i like dependability.

i like space, each having their own space but also sharing. trust is key. noticing is key. standing up for, encouraging, supporting, rooting for each other is key. intimacy — especially emotional — is important. but so is physical intimacy.

i miss napping next to someone.

i want partnership where we believe in ourselves and in one another.

the reaching

from 2020 aug 08

i met someone today, two people actually, who look like me for real / have the same racial mixture as me and are at least one generation older than me. ever. first time ever in 29 years. i’ve never met people with japanese and white european ancestry who are more than 10 years older than me.

i never really thought about what i didn’t have, in terms of intergenerational visibility and representation. i just considered myself lucky for having mixed peers in my life, growing up. but to see folx with the same or similar mixture as me, in different stages of life, really shifted something in me. life i see the future differently. i don’t think i’ve thought much about the impact it’s had on me to not see people like me — at least racially — who are older. i’d never seen myself in anybody the way that i could, at least in some way, with them.

it’s possible that i need to lead as me. that i am done doing things to please others or to prove a point. i want my life to support a collective, a bigger thing, a greater good. i am unlearning a lot of internalized messages around duty, obligation. responsibility, purity, and what it means to be japanese.

what is time

from 2020 aug 07

i’m a murmurating bird with kaleidoscopic eyes – kaleidoscope for changing shapes.

i think there is something i want to explore in partnership around collaboration or craft. for me what i generally bring is dance, maybe writing, facilitation.

to shed is to make space for emergence

from 2020 aug 05

i had a really good talk with myself. in the mirror, mostly naked. i said – what if i just decided to like my body, this body. i don’t remember specifics but – it’s up to me. i’m the only one judging my body this hard. i can stop with that. i don’t need these ideas of what i’m supposed to look like. this body is so great. and anyone who gets to share my body with me better fucking see that and believe that. or else, fuck them, they can go. next. and that includes versions of myself.

i call myself an abolitionist but am policing my own body. i stop trying to hope my body will become something it’s not, other than healthy.

loving my body in its change is a fucking radical thing. this body is busy restoring us, and has made so much progress in two months. 14 years of imbalance and disorder and my body is making progress in 60 days. that is magic.

this is me building my home – cozy, warm, soft, desirable, strong, unflappable, inviting, spacious, slow, open, abundant. gentle, loving, desirable.

hi. my body is miraculous. my body is a miracle.

video filmed on 10 november 2020 and published on 08 december 2020

i want to love you

from 2020 aug 05

i have deep desire for reciprocal attraction, romance, playful love. i want partnership* that is spacious but collaborative, interdependent, but not codependent. i want to be in deep honest trusting relationships oriented toward growth, joy, transformation, abundance, fullness, creativity, passion, spark, maybe a little chaos. something different.

i think that to feel grounded and secure are important to me in partnership. i think i want partnerships that are fun, pleasurable, and centered in aligning with liberatory futures and transforming worlds. one* that is creative. one where we can do creative artsy shit & magic together. and enjoy each other. and not worry so much. with good deep tender communication and good communicative playful sex and space for awkward uncomfortable squishy things and accountability and questions. shaping things, lives, spaces, time, dimensions together. one with travel, adventure, learning, growth, support, encouragement. one where we really think well of each other, fundamentally. and mutual desire and attraction and respect. and respectful, spacious disagreement. and good healthy ways of dealing with conflict.

we make dance films together and go on road trips and hike in the woods and swim and fight for justice, to dismantle these cistems. we dance so hard. we play. our inner kids shine. we love one another and love ourselves. we adapt. we “get” each other, we click, we flow. we take and make space.

(*a 09 jan 2021 note: not sure why i was specifying singular partnership)

a simple truth so hard to learn

from 2020 aug 04

now i am coming back to myself, recovering, rebalancing, breaking old patterns.

this is what i need for my body to feel safe to function. to feel pleasure. to feel, period.

chani nicholas said something like “i promise [this] will push you to do things you didn’t think you could do and in the process you will up open so much”

(i’m not sure if the [this] was 2020, or going all in, or both)

as we watch this world burn

i want to try something out – where i maybe type up writings from the past. revisit them. and possibly comment on them. i don’t know how that will work, but i’m going to give it a try.

the video above, however, is from 7 jan 2021. not sure if any of this will make sense but i want to start, more than anything.

from 2020 august 4

(song of the day: where you belong x little dragon)

i love the way i move. this hasn’t always been the case. but i feel like i keep growing into myself and finding my truest expression through movement. lately i’ve felt more playful in moving, too. i smile, laugh out loud when i relax. and take myself less seriously? or, it’s a different kind of joy. these last couple of days i’ve really felt that. just like, being my own best friend or something. really taking pleasure in being with myself, by myself.

i’m so grateful for my body, to get to live. for this existence in its complexity. for dance. for dance teaching me so much. for uncertainty — uncertainty makes things feel.