grounding within

i pulled the following oracle cards on 04 january 2018:

20180106_095755.jpginner voice: when i listen to my inner voice, i feel less anxious or worried or afraid of what might happen, or of what others might think. i feel more grounded and rooted in myself and in the universe and feel a gentle calm that everything is going to be okay.

earth: mother earth has my feet, has my back. i need to tread mother earth lightly. i am guided and strengthened by the feminine power of mother earth. she is nurturing, kind, loving, and always giving, even when people mistreat or misuse her. i come from earth and i return to earth.

the beginning: recovery is a long term project. every breath is a new beginning. every morning is a new beginning. reflection is a time for new beginnings. we are constantly growing, regenerating our cells. the universe is forever expanding. the new year is another new beginning, but it’s not the only new beginning.


november 2 (enough)

how many times a day do you tell yourself that you are not enough? how many times a day do you let others tell you that you are not enough?

is it so ingrained that you don’t even notice?

is it just a coincidence that capitalism forces the belief that this is a scarcity economy?

that we are defective commodities that can only be fixed by following the rules of the cistem?


what does it take to make you believe that you are enough?

whose thoughts are in your head?

what do you believe to be yours?
maybe the faith that we are enough is what it means to be humxn

maybe the only kind of not-enough that matters is not being enough of oneself


not being true enough to oneself