humility zine call for submissions

this winter, erika akire is curating a collaborative zine on the following theme:


for folks who might not be familiar, zines are basically self-published works — often in the forms of book(let)s or pamphlets, and often photocopied for low-cost, easy distribution. they range widely in topic/theme and aesthetic. some zines are created just by one author, while others are collections of works by several folks.

guiding questions include, but are not limited to:

  • what does humility mean to you? how do you define it?
  • why does humility matter to you?
  • how has humility manifested in your life? when and how has humility impacted your self, your truth, your perspective, and/or your relationship to others?
  • is humility healing? is it harmful?

the guidelines are brief:

  • submissions can be anything that can be put on paper and photocopied – photos, text, poetry, etc.
  • submissions must be submitted digitally.
  • submissions should be at least 300 dpi in resolution.
  • zines will be printed in black and white – keep that in mind when producing your work.
  • each submission should be two pages or less.

additional agreements for submission are as follows:

  • feel free to submit more than one work for consideration. if your work is selected, you’ll receive a copy of the finished zine if you wish.
  • submissions can be anonymous.
  • submissions that are hateful, violent, and/or oppressive will not be accepted (e.g. racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic.)
  • you’re agreeing to allow for the distribution of the work in public spaces, like libraries.
  • you’re agreeing to allow the finished zine to be sold and/or distributed in spaces such as zine expos and zine festivals. any revenue generated from the sale of zines will be solely to cover the costs of printing + labor; all proceeds will be donated. (suggestions for places to donate welcome.)

ready to submit? get started here. submissions are due march 1, 2018. 

questions? get in touch.



NOW AVAILABLE: not yet titled: a resolution

not yet titled: a resolution explores the question: what does it mean to be one’s best and most authentic self?

16 pages; hand bound

$5-10, sliding scale (includes mailing)

connect to get yr copy ❤




ALSO AVAILABLE: nurture (october 2017)

nurture (october 2017 edition) is an exploration in gentle and critical self-love; a reminder to look within; and a note to my 16-26-36-46-56-66-76-86-96-106 year old self.

16 pages; hand bound

$5-10, sliding scale (includes mailing)

connect to get yr copy ❤



ALSO AVAILABLE: nurture archives

the nurture archives include all early nurture zines, from march 2013 – august 2017. these zines explore haafu identity, culture, and experience.

$1-3, sliding scale (includes mailing)

get in touch for more information.

note: the images of the nurture archives (above) represent the zines during production, and do not represent how the final products look.